Equip Women to Teach the Word

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“Equip Women to Teach the Word” is a training tool for congregations that want to encourage and prepare women to serve as faithful teachers of God’s Word in different ministry settings.

Is this the Power Glove?

When Nintendo came out with the Power Glove, I was eight years old. Never had I seen anything so glorious in my short life. When it premiered in the movie The Wizard starring Fred Savage, I could not think of anything greater, more fun,…

A God-Lived Life

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A God Lived Life is about more than stewardship. It's a whole-life challenge to God’s people to live the life to which he has called them.

You Are God’s Mask

“I just feel like I have no purpose in my life. I’m not accomplishing anything, and I feel guilty.” Those words were spoken by a wife and mother of three as we sat together in my office. So I asked her, “Take me through a typical…

Congregational Challenge

“I triple dog dare ya.” Doubtless, you’re familiar with the scene from the classic movie “A Christmas Story.” Ralphie explained: “Now, Schwartz created a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple dare and going…

“Whole” Life Stewardship

Giving God Glory and Going All In Everything we have is a gift from God. If you think through the gifts God gives, the most important ones fit nicely into five categories. They can be called the 5 “T”s. God gives us everything we have,…

Marriage Maintenance

“Marriage Maintenance” are online Bible studies to help couples as they deal with common issues that cause marital wear and tear.

Catechism Class – Sample Models

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Confirmation is not a biblically-mandated practice, but an ecclesiastical rite that has developed over time. This explains the variety that exists in both the understanding and practice of confirmation.


Confirmation – Pastor-Family Partnership Model

In the pastor-family partnership model used in Modesto, California, the student and parent work together at home on a lesson using the material and video provided by the pastor. All meet with pastor after every four lessons for review.

Confirmation – Parent-Taught Model

The parent-taught model from Middleton, Wisconsin uses parent-taught, individually-paced lessons. The goal is the parent interacting with their child over God's Word and prayers. An introductory video made by St. Andrew parents explains the…

Confirmation – Flipped-Classroom Model

The flipped-classroom model used in Hartford, Wisconsin, flips—or reverses—the traditional roles of in-class work and homework. The student studies the basic concepts of the lesson at home, then comes to class to participate in class activities…

Confirmation – Family-Centered Model

The family-centered model from Pooler, Georgia uses the new Catechism and a Connections workbook (the church supplies the workbook, the family buys the Catechism). Procedure overview: Orientation: A meeting at the beginning of the year…