Youth Bible Study – Who Am I?

“Who Am I?” is a three-part youth ministry resource that takes an in-depth look at real-life problems that overwhelm teens with feelings of being unloved, worthless, guilty, anxious, lonely, and more.

The videos explore the identity crisis among teens and look to root their identity in Christ through the facts of God’s Word instead of personal feelings. Each video contains numerous “pause points” for the youth leader (or a parent) to stop the video and interact in personal discussion before continuing. The series is adaptable for use in a youth group ministry setting, home setting, or for personal teen viewing.

May this series speak into the anxious lives of young people and remind them, “You are someone. You are loved.”

Youth Bible Study - Who Am I? - Videos

Videos are available for download at the links below.

Who Am I? - Part 1: Your Identity CrisisDownload
Who Am I? - Part 2: Your Identity RevealedDownload
Who Am I? - Part 3: Your Identity in ActionDownload

Youth Bible Study - Who Am I? - Video Outlines

Individual file downloads:

Who Am I? - Video Outline - Part 1Download
Who Am I? - Video Outline - Part 2Download
Who Am I? - Video Outline - Part 3Download

Download the entire file package:

Download 455.53 KB

An additional resource on this topic is Who Am I? Understanding Your Identity In Christ Through Facts Not Feelings by Dr. Phil Huebner. Purchase the book through Northwestern Publishing House.

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