Who Am I? – A Youth Ministry Video Resource

What’s going on with teens today?

It’s a question on the minds of many today. Parents, pastors, teachers, and youth ministers all know there’s something wrong, but the situation is hard to diagnose. Could it be the influence of social media? Maybe the intense pressures of high school academics and extracurriculars? Or could it be the breakdown of the family unit in America? Is it something else, some of the above, or all of the above?

After years of working with teens, I have noted that all of these things and more are contributing to current teen issues. I also have recognized that every teen’s unique situation is different. But at the same time, I have noticed that there seems to be one underlying problem that makes Christian teen life so difficult today—teens are losing track of their identity in Christ.

Maybe it’s being overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt from modern temptations. Maybe it’s the feeling of being anxious because of school pressures. Maybe it’s feeling unloved because of friend and social media drama. Whatever it may be, I see many teens getting lost in this world and stuck with one underlying question—“Who am I?”

WELS Commission on Discipleship recognizes this big issue of Christian identity and wants to help teens. It also wants to help those who serve and minister to teens. That’s why “Who Am I?” a series of video-based Bible studies, has been created.

These videos are meant to be biblical, relevant, relatable, applicable, and easy to use in any ministry setting. It’s a sort of one-stop-shop for teen Bible study. Teens can simply show up, leaders can press play, and the video engages the group in a study of an issue through the guidance of God’s Word. Whether it’s a small group or big group in a small town or big city, these videos are meant for you.

The first video study is a three-part series on this important issue of Christian identity. It addresses and guides teen through this “Who am I?” identity crisis. Groups gathered will have opportunity to think and talk through the issues, examine Bible stories and verses that address their hearts and lives, as well as apply key truths to teen life today.

I pray the video series is a blessing to many. Moreover, I pray teens grow in their understanding of who they are in Jesus.

Dr. Phil Huebner
Campus Pastor, Wisconsin Lutheran High School




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