Apologetics: Defending the Faith

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Defending the Faith is a six-lesson apologetics Bible study to help our people think through clearly how to engage in conversation with skeptics of the Christian faith.

Stewardship Legacy

The Stewardship Legacy Series will be developed to provide multiple years of stewardship resources that encourage whole-life stewardship. The first set is uploaded entitled, “A Time for Everything.” Called workers and church leaders will find worship ideas, sample sermons, and Bible study resources.

Equip Women to Teach the Word

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“Equip Women to Teach the Word” is a training tool for congregations that want to encourage and prepare women to serve as faithful teachers of God’s Word in different ministry settings.

Catechism Class – Sample Models

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Confirmation is not a biblically-mandated practice, but an ecclesiastical rite that has developed over time. This explains the variety that exists in both the understanding and practice of confirmation.

Welcome Home – Elder Training

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You have discovered Welcome Home—a video-based program designed to help equip lay leaders of your congregation identify and reach out to missing members from your church family.

Ministering to Millennials

This module helps congregations better understand the unique way millennials think about church/religion and evaluate how they are doing in retaining members and reach potential members in that generation.

Addressing Delinquency

This module lays out an orderly system of following up on members who have been absent from worship for a certain period of time.