Ministry Resources

Apologetics: Defending the Faith

Defending the Faith is a six-lesson apologetics Bible study to help our people think through clearly how to engage in conversation with skeptics of the Christian faith.
April 3, 2024/by Laura Schulz

Stewardship Legacy

The Stewardship Legacy Series will be developed to provide multiple years of stewardship resources that encourage whole-life stewardship. The first set is uploaded entitled, “A Time for Everything.” Called workers and church leaders will find worship ideas, sample sermons, and Bible study resources.
June 12, 2023/by Laura Schulz

Helping the Hurting with Hope

This module is a Bible class to help participants appreciate the role of compassion in a Christian’s personal and congregational life.
February 17, 2023/by Laura Schulz

Heart Imprints

Heart Imprints - A worship resource for children in the congregation, elementary school, or early childhood ministry.
November 18, 2022/by Laura Schulz

Called To Serve – Bible Study

The COP is now making available a Bible study that deals with the public ministry, the call, and our WELS call process.
December 3, 2021/by Laura Schulz

Hymnal Introduction Resources

Several resources are available to help introduce the new hymnal.
October 5, 2021/by Laura Schulz

Prison Ministry Awareness

This module provides promotional resources to help congregations be aware of the mission potential of WELS Prison Ministry and to cultivate concern for the lost.
June 22, 2021/by Laura Schulz

A God-Lived Life

A God Lived Life is about more than stewardship. It's a whole-life challenge to God’s people to live the life to which he has called them.
May 21, 2021/by Laura Schulz

God’s People Gather

How can we encourage our members to return to in-person worship? How should we think about virtual worship post-pandemic? The God’s People Gather program attempts to help congregations answer those questions.
April 30, 2021/by Laura Schulz

One by One

One by One is a Bible study based on Pastor David Rosenau’s keynote presentation at the WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership in January of 2020.
February 18, 2021/by Laura Schulz

Marriage Maintenance

“Marriage Maintenance” are online Bible studies to help couples as they deal with common issues that cause marital wear and tear.
January 22, 2021/by Laura Schulz

COVID-19 – For Such a Time as This

See the new update regarding returning to worship during the pandemic.
July 8, 2020/by Laura Schulz

Welcome Home

The Welcome Home initiative is an attempt to address the challenge of members drifting away from church.
June 28, 2019/by Laura Schulz

10 for 10 Stewardship Program

10 for 10 is a comprehensive stewardship program including a three-Sunday emphasis that teaches and preaches Biblical principles followed by a ten-week commitment that puts giving into action.
June 3, 2019/by Laura Schulz

Evangelism – Outreach Newsletters

This product is designed to help your congregation reach out to people with God's Word...
November 30, 2018/by Laura Schulz

Devoted – Bible Study on Scouting and Fellowship

Our synod has consistently voiced its objections to Scouting for several reasons...
June 1, 2018/by Bri Lambrecht

Bible Study on Compassion Ministry and Outreach

This module lays the foundation of Christian love in congregational ministry: both compassion for the burdens of members and caring for those in the community whose needs can be a bridge for love and the gospel.
May 31, 2018/by Laura Schulz

To the Ends of the Earth

This module explains the importance of regularly offering instruction about evangelism. It suggests rotating classes: the examples of outreach in Acts, the way to approach friendship witnessing, lifestyle witnesses, evangelism in the workplace, etc.
May 29, 2018/by Bri Lambrecht