WELS Marriages

Marriage for Life

“Marriage for Life” is a congregational pre-marriage counseling course designed for a presenter (pastor/church leader) to work through with a couple(s) for the purpose of strengthening marital commitment to each other in Christ.

The unique feature of the five-session course is the use of select “Marriage Moments” videos that help reinforce the topics of forgiveness, marital essence, role of man/woman, love, and communication.

The “Overview” document will help get you started in using the course resources which include handouts, links to the “Marriage Moments” videos, and leader guides for the presenter.

May God bless your time and efforts so that couples see the blessing of their marriage… for life!

Marriage Moments

Every marriage has its “moments.” That’s why marriages need moments of encouragement and refreshment. Marriage Moments are short, weekly videos highlighting one Biblical marriage thought accompanied by a discussion question. Couples may subscribe to receive the videos in a weekly e-mail. Congregations can upload them to their social media pages, encourage members to sign up for the e-mail, and use them as part of their marriage counseling or Bible study ministries.

Marriage Maintenance

There’s a reason you check the tires, oil, and vital fluids of your vehicle. Lack of attention can lead to unwanted wear and tear and unexpected repairs down the road.

Marriages need maintenance too. How many breakdowns in love, communication, kindness, and patience could have been avoided if a couple invested a little more time in dealing with them instead of ignoring them?

“Marriage Maintenance” are online Bible studies to help couples as they deal with common issues that cause marital wear and tear. Each study is introduced with a short lead-in video that sets up the topic followed by an activity to put it into practice. The resource asks for a couple’s commitment of time to further their conversation based on God’s Word (study) and for direct marriage application (personal discussion).

Maintaining your vehicle will keep it running for a long time. May God bless this Bible-based resource to help you handle the blessed miles of your marriage for years to come!

Marriage Keys

So many couples shy away when they consider the idea of marriage seminars or marriage counseling. “Marriage Keys” is meant to be a non-threatening introduction to marriage enrichment. The material in these sessions will offer enough variety in content to intrigue the first timer as well as the marriage enrichment veteran.