An Honest Conversation About Sexuality

An Honest Conversation About Sexuality is a video-based youth ministry resource intended for teens and young adults to discuss questions regarding LGBTQ in a safe setting without being afraid to ask.

  • Each session centers around group discussion with a panel of WELS college-age students who were asked to share their personal experiences of living their faith in a culture that is hyper-focused on sexuality. Multiple “pause points” in every video allow young adults the chance to discuss what they heard and apply it to themselves.
  • A facilitator’s guide gives important tips and helpful advice for youth leaders in their preparation.

May this resource create an opportunity for honest conversation where young adults can begin to bring into the light their doubts, objections, judgments, fears, etc. Most importantly, may they find a Savior-Jesus who welcomes and rescues every one of us with grace and truth.

An Honest Conversation - Facilitator Guide

Individual file downloads:

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An Honest Conversation - Videos

More videos coming soon!

Videos are available for download at the links below.

An Honest Conversation - Video 1Download
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