Youth Resource – Never Too Young to Talk About Jesus

It can be intimidating for a teenager to talk about Jesus with those who don’t yet know him. How can we help teens see sharing their faith as their responsibility and privilege?

Who Am I? – A Youth Ministry Video Resource

What’s going on with teens today?...

Youth Bible Study – Who Am I?

“Who Am I?” is a three-part youth ministry resource that takes an in-depth look at real-life problems that overwhelm teens.

Catechism Class – Sample Models

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Confirmation is not a biblically-mandated practice, but an ecclesiastical rite that has developed over time. This explains the variety that exists in both the understanding and practice of confirmation.

Youth Ministry Made Simple

Learn more about Youth Ministry Made Simple in the introduction video.

Youth Bible Study – Focused Living in Christ

Learn more about Focused Living in Christ in the introduction video.


Confirmation – Pastor-Family Partnership Model

In the pastor-family partnership model used in Modesto, California, the student and parent work together at home on a lesson using the material and video provided by the pastor. All meet with pastor after every four lessons for review.

Confirmation – Parent-Taught Model

The parent-taught model from Middleton, Wisconsin uses parent-taught, individually-paced lessons. The goal is the parent interacting with their child over God's Word and prayers. An introductory video made by St. Andrew parents explains the…

Confirmation – Flipped-Classroom Model

The flipped-classroom model used in Hartford, Wisconsin, flips—or reverses—the traditional roles of in-class work and homework. The student studies the basic concepts of the lesson at home, then comes to class to participate in class activities…

Confirmation – Family-Centered Model

The family-centered model from Pooler, Georgia uses the new Catechism and a Connections workbook (the church supplies the workbook, the family buys the Catechism). Procedure overview: Orientation: A meeting at the beginning of the year…

Youth Ministry Made Simple – Videos

Videos are available for download at the links below.

Focused Living in Christ – Videos

The Bible study videos are available for download at the link below.