Welcome Home

The Welcome Home initiative is an attempt to address the challenge of members drifting away from church. Learn more from the video above.

** Due to the large size of some of the graphics and video files, it might be necessary to download them separately.

Communication & Promotion

Welcome Home - Communication & Promotion

Individual file downloads:

WHCOM01 - Sample Communication PlanDownload 
WHCOM02a - Introductory Letter Option 1Download 
WHCOM02b - Introductory Letter Option 2Download 
WHCOM02c - Introductory Letter Option 3Download 
WHCOM03 - Promotional BlurbsDownload 
WHCOM04 - Phone Call Word TrackDownload 
WHCOM05a - Facebook Ads TutorialDownload 
WHCOM05b - Facebook Ad VideoDownload 
WHCOM06a - Ledger-size Promotional Poster (PDF)Download 
WHCOM06b - Ledger-size Promotional Poster (Publisher)Download 
WHCOM07a - Letter-sized Promotional Poster (PDF)Download 
WHCOM07b - Letter-sized Promotional Poster (Publisher)Download 
WHCOM08 - Explanation of Postcard OptionsDownload 
WHCOM09 - Thank You LetterDownload 
WHCOM10 - Worship Promotional TextsDownload 

Download the entire file package:

Download 33.61 MB


Welcome Home - Planning

Individual file downloads:

WHPLN01 - Explanation and TimelineDownload 
WHPLN02 - Welcome Home FAQsDownload 

Download the entire file package:

Download 9.53 MB


Welcome Home - Worship

Word files for the service folders are coming soon.

Individual file downloads:

WHWOR01 - Worship Plan (UPDATED 7/12/19)Download 
WHWOR02COMpdf - Welcome Home Sunday with CommunionDownload 
WHWOR02COMpub - Welcome Home Sunday with CommunionDownload 
WHWOR02pdf -Welcome Home Sunday Download 
WHWOR02pub - Welcome Home SundayDownload 
WHWOR03pdf - Optional SundayDownload 
WHWOR03pub - Optional SundayDownload 
WHWOR04pdf - ReformationDownload 
WHWOR04pub - ReformationDownload 
WHWOR05pdf - Last JudgementDownload 
WHWOR05pub - Last JudgementDownload 
WHWOR06pdf - Saints TriumphantDownload 
WHWOR06pub - Saints TriumphantDownload 
WHWOR07pdf - Christ the KingDownload 
WHWOR07pub - Christ the KingDownload 
WHWOR08 - Common Service four page insert (Publisher)Download 
WHWOR09 - Service of Word and Sacrament four page insert (Publisher)Download 
WHWOR 12 - Hebrews 2 Sermon CommentaryDownload 
WHWOR13a - HELMSLEY - accompaniment CWSDownload 
WHWOR13b - HELMSLEY - Brass and Descant CWS 704Download 
WHWOR14 - Oh How Good It Is - GettyDownload 
WHWOR15 - Ps 128 Refrain TTDownload 
WHWOR16a - Psalm 133 - How Very Good and Pleasant - Unison and PianoDownload 
WHWOR16b - Psalm 133 - How Very Good and Pleasant - with SATB choirDownload 
WHWOR17a - THAXTED accompaniment from CWSDownload 
WHWOR17b - THAXTED solo melodyDownload 
WHWOR18 - Glory to God 76 76 D to ELLACOMBE TTDownload 
WHWOR19 - Music ResourcesDownload 

Download the entire file package:

Download 30.91 MB

Elder Work

Welcome Home - Elder Work

Individual file downloads:

WHELD01 - Elder Work SummaryDownload 
WHELD11a - Connection Cards TemplateDownload 
WHELD11b - Connection Card ModelDownload 

Download the entire file package:

Download 1.40 MB

The Peter Plan

D001 – Addressing Delinquency

This module lays out an orderly system of following up on members who have been absent from worship for a certain period of time. It explains how ministering to such people transitions from encourgement to church discipline.

Individual file downloads:

D001.01 - Instructions for Addressing DelinquencyDownload 
D001.02a - Devotion - Gentle RestorationDownload 
D001.02b - Devotion - The One Thing NeedfulDownload 
D001.02c - Devotion - Take One or Two OthersDownload 
D001.03 - Discussion of Elder WorkDownload 
D001.04 - The Peter Plan ProcessDownload 
D001.05 - Tool - Church Attendance Management SoftwareDownload 
D001.06 - The Peter Plan Bulletin Insert - week 1Download 
D001.06b - The Peter Plan Bulletin Insert - week 2Download 
D001.06c - The Peter Plan Bulletin Insert - week 3Download 
D001.06d - The Peter Plan Bulletin Insert - week 4Download 
D001.06e - The Peter Plan Bulletin Insert - week 5Download 
D001.07 - Pastor's Letter About the Peter PlanDownload 
D001.08 - Peter Plan Report FormDownload 

Download the entire file package:

Download all 2.79 MB


Welcome Home - Graphics

Individual file downloads:

Welcome Home Promotional ImageDownload 
WHGRA01a - logo (eps)Download 
WHGRA01b - logo (jpg)Download 
WHGRA01c - logo (png)Download 
WHGRA02a - logo - black (jpg)Download 
WHGRA02b - logo - black (png)Download 
WHGRA03a - logo - white (png)Download 

Download the entire file package:

Download 9.42 MB
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