God’s People Gather

Timely resources for a timely issue

Already before COVID-19, some churches were utilizing video and streaming technology for worship and Bible study. The pandemic forced many more congregations to make this pivot. In much of the country, in-person worship was prohibited for months. As lockdowns lift, congregational leaders are wrestling with two key questions:

  • How can we encourage our members to return to in-person worship?
  • How should we think about virtual worship post-pandemic?

The first is a timely, virus-related question. That second question is timeless, something churches may be asking until Jesus returns.

The God’s People Gather program, attempts to help congregations answer those questions.

God's People Gather - Getting Started

Individual file downloads:

God's People Gather - OverviewDownload 
How To UseDownload 

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God's People Gather - Materials for Leaders

Individual file downloads:

Event PlanningDownload 
Panel Discussion Guide - LeaderDownload 
Panel Discussion Guide - ParticipantDownload 
God's People Gather - White PaperDownload 
White Paper Discussion GuideDownload 
Elder Work OverviewDownload 
Elder Bible Study - Leader GuideDownload 
Elder Bible Study - Participant GuideDownload 
Elder Visit OutlineDownload 

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God's People Gather - Worship Resources

Individual file downloads:

Worship OverviewDownload 
Sermon ThoughtsDownload 
Worship Notes - Standard SermonDownload 
Worship Notes - DevotionsDownload 
Supplemental Worship IdeasDownload 
Christian Worship 912 - Open, Lovely DoorsDownload 

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God's People Gather - Blessings Videos

God's People Gather - ALLDownload 
God's People Gather - WorshipDownload 
God's People Gather - CommunityDownload 
God's People Gather - Lord's SupperDownload 
God's People Gather - ServiceDownload 

God's People Gather - Panel Discussion Videos

God's People Gather - Full Length DiscussionDownload 
God's People Gather - Pivoting to Virtual WorshipDownload 
God's People Gather - Importance of Horizontal RelationshipsDownload 
God's People Gather - Unintended ConsequencesDownload 
God's People Gather - The Lord's SupperDownload 
God's People Gather - Final ThoughtsDownload 
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