Hymnal Introduction Resources

Several resources are available to help people gain an understanding of some key new hymnal features and to help pastors orient people when the books are first used.

Various presentations serve a widely varied audience:

  1. People in churches that have already decided to begin using the new hymnal in Advent 2021,
  2. People in churches that are undecided,
  3. People in churches that won’t realistically consider the new hymnal until 2022 or later, and
  4. Individuals wanting to learn more about new hymnal resources or about some broader worship topic.

Suggestions are provided beginning with the first Sundays in Advent after the hymnals are first placed in the worship space. These begin on November 28 and are coordinated with the Year C Planner (available in PDF or Excel). If introduction begins on a Sunday other than November 28, local adjustments will be needed. A dedication rite is included for the first Sunday.

Hymnal Introduction - Introduction Scripts and Dedication Rite

Individual file downloads:

Introduction Scripts and Dedication Rite (Word)Download
Introduction Scripts and Dedication Rite (PDF)Download

Download the entire file package:

Download 677.92 KB

The first two items below were prepared for National Hymnal Week, September 19-26, 2021. But if a congregation did not participate, these may still be publicized to build interest and excitement for some of the wonderful new (and old) texts and music.

Grace, Milwaukee Hymn Sing. (Video Link) (Service Folder) This is an example of what one large congregation with strong musical resources did to introduce some new hymns. Granted, few congregations have similar resources. If your church offers something similar (though on a more modest scale), this website can share your worship folder and video link for the benefit of others.

Christian Worship Shipping Update

On October 5 NPH posted information about when various hymnal suite resources will become available. This information is subject to change.

Service Builder is not (currently) on the list, but the goal is by late 2021. (The Playlist add-on could be later.) Renew your congregation’s OneLicense if it falls due before the end of the year. A pro-rated adjustment can later be made regarding Service Builder.

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