Hymnal Introduction Presentations

The following presentations serve two purposes. Some of them are basic new hymnal topics. Some are broader worship enrichment topics that can help congregations optimize their use of the new hymnal suite of resources.

These presentations are designed for a widely varied audience: 1) people in churches that have already decided to begin using the new hymnal in Advent 2021, 2) people in churches that are undecided, 3) people in churches that won’t realistically consider the new hymnal until 2022 or later, and 4) individuals wanting to learn more about new hymnal resources or about some broader worship topic.

How are these presentations to be used? Various groups might meet together midweek to view one or more videos and then discuss them. Such groups could be:

  • A general audience with discussion following each video. For some presentations various resources at christianworship.com are indicated. These can help to prepare a discussion leader for moderating the discussion and answering questions. Or they may serve as deeper background reading for interested people.
  • A team of worship planners (pastors and musicians) who want to begin thinking together about implementing new hymnal resources.
  • A study committee wanting to evaluate new hymnal resources before making a recommendation about purchase to the Board of Elders or Church Council.

While these presentations were first released in conjunction with National Hymnal Week, they are now available as part of “ongoing hymnal introduction” for those congregations and individuals who did not use them during National Hymnal Week.

Hymnal Introduction

Supplemental Materials

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