Let’s Go

Let’s Go is designed to encourage and equip Christians to connect unchurched people in their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everyone Outreach

Everyone Outreach is a program designed to help your congregation discover its thought habits and develop new thinking and behaviors that build a culture of outreach.

Congregational Evangelism Kit

Video-based training for congregational evangelism leaders. Putting these tools in place will ensure that your congregation has a solid foundation to reach the lost in your community. 

Evangelism – Outreach Newsletters

This product is designed to help your congregation reach out to people with God's Word...


Congregational Evangelism Kit – Videos

The videos are available for download at the links below.

C19 – Evangelism Resources

Order postcards from Echt Printing.  

E001 – Equipping Members for Evangelism

Sample video Videos can be downloaded directly from Vimeo.