Helping God’s People Become Christ’s Ambassadors

They are long-time friends of my parents and life-long members of WELS....

In Season and Out of Season

In Season and Out of Season uses the apostle Paul’s evangelism efforts in the city of Philippi as an example to encourage Christians to be ready to share their faith whether it is convenient or inconvenient, expected or unexpected.

Let’s Go

Let’s Go is designed to encourage and equip Christians to connect unchurched people in their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everyone Outreach

Everyone Outreach is a program designed to help your congregation discover its thought habits and develop new thinking and behaviors that build a culture of outreach.

Congregational Evangelism Kit

Video-based training for congregational evangelism leaders. Putting these tools in place will ensure that your congregation has a solid foundation to reach the lost in your community. 

Evangelism – Outreach Newsletters

This product is designed to help your congregation reach out to people with God's Word...


Congregational Evangelism Kit – Videos

The videos are available for download at the links below.

C19 – Evangelism Resources

Order postcards from Echt Printing.  

E001 – Equipping Members for Evangelism

Sample video Videos can be downloaded directly from Vimeo.