Congregational Evangelism Kit

Video-based training for congregational evangelism leadersPutting these tools in place will ensure that your congregation has a solid foundation to reach the lost in your community. 

Congregational Evangelism Kit - Videos

The videos are available for download at the links below.

1. An Introduction to the Congregational Evangelism KitDownload
2. An Introduction to Prospect ManagementDownload
3. Creating a Prospect DatabaseDownload
4. Capturing and Entering Prospect InformationDownload
5. Utilizing the Prospect DatabaseDownload
6. Worship WelcomeDownload
7. Worship Guest Follow-Up Introduction and Information GatheringDownload
8. Information OrganizingDownload
9. Initial Contact With Worship GuestsDownload
10. Pastoral follow-up with worship guestsDownload
11. Continuing Contact With Worship GuestsDownload
12. Come and Go StrategiesDownload

Congregational Evangelism Kit - Supplemental Materials

Individual file downloads:

Prospect Database PlansDownload
Prospect Database SoftwareDownload
Come and Go StrategiesDownload
Customizable Connection Cards (Publisher)Download
Generic Connection Cards (PDF)Download
Connection Card Example 1Download
Connection Card Example 2Download
Connection Card Example 3Download
Connection Card Example 4Download

Download the entire file package:

Download 735.12 KB
Pew Church Attendance Forms

Pew church attendance forms are one way to gather information about your worship guests. Here are a few options for purchasing such forms:

Northwestern Publishing House: pew church attendance forms

Christian book: pew church attendance forms

Concordia Supply: pew church attendance forms

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