Equipping Members for Evangelism

God’s Word is vitally important to us because he used it to connect us to Jesus by faith. Through our Savior Jesus we have the peace of forgiveness, the joy of life with God, and the hope of the glory of heaven.

God used people in our lives to tell us his saving word. And now that we have it, God wants us to share the message of his love with others. Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses.”

All of us have questions, fears, and concerns about doing that. For that reason, we produced this DVD to offer advice and encouragement for talking about Jesus, especially with people you know.

May God bless and help you confidently share the good news of Jesus.

~The WELS Commission on Evangelism



Using the materials…

There are four parts to this Christian witness training material. Each part is presented via a video. A group of Christians discuss the opportunities, challenges, and aspects of reaching out to their friends with the good news of Jesus Christ. The four parts are:

  • Reach people who need Jesus
  • Start a spiritual conversation
  • Share our Savior
  • Keep on sharing Jesus

Each video segment is about 10 minutes. Documents are provided to use together with the video for encouraging and helping Christians share their faith. There are written summaries of the points made in the video for each part. Other documents are provided for each part of the program for use to facilitate group discussion following the viewing of the video.

E001 – Equipping Members for Evangelism

Sample video

Videos can be downloaded directly from Vimeo. 

Individual file downloads:

E001.01 - Confidently Sharing Jesus with Friends - Using the MaterialsDownload 
E001.02 - Part 1 - Video - Confidently Sharing Jesus with FriendsDownload 
E001.03 - Part 1 - Discuss A - Questions for ReflectionDownload 
E001.04 - Part 1 - Discuss B - Using the Friends Who Need Jesus FormDownload 
E001.05 - Part 1 - Friends Who Need Jesus - FormDownload 
E001.06 - Part 1 - Video Summary - Reaching People Who Need JesusDownload 
E001.07 - Part 2 - Video - Confidently Sharing Jesus with FriendsDownload 
E001.08 - Part 2 - Discuss A - Becoming A Better ListenerDownload 
E001.09 - Part 2 - Discuss B - Communication Skills for Sharing ChristDownload 
E001.10 - Part 2 - Video Summary - Starting a Spiritual ConversationDownload 
E001.11 - Part 3 - Video - Confidently Sharing Jesus with FriendsDownload 
E001.12 - Part 3 - Discuss - Questions for ReflectionDownload 
E001.13 - Part 3 - Video Summary - Sharing our SaviorDownload 
E001.14- Part 4 - Video - Confidently Sharing Jesus with Friends5Download 
E001.15 - Part 4 - Discuss - The Friendship AdvantageDownload 
E001.16 - Part 4 - Video Summary - Keep on Sharing JesusDownload 
E001.17 - Part 4 –6 PrayerDownload 
E001.18 - Evangelism Essentials for CongregationsDownload 
E001.19 - Evangelism Essentials for Congregations - Leader's GuideDownload 

Download the entire file package:

Download all 3.98 MB
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