C005 – Serving as a Military Contact Pastor (MCP)

This module is intended for pastors and lay people who are interested in learning about ministry to the military. In addition to the training video, Military Contact Pastors will find downloadable ministry tools: flyers to facilitate ministry to military personnel, a poster promoting referrals for military ministry, a customizable poster that might be used at a military installation (with permission) to promote nearby MCP congregations, and a template that illustrates how the promotional poster could be customized. Also included is Martin Luther’s essay, “Whether Soldiers, too, Can Be Saved.” (From Works of Martin Luther V. 5 © 1931 Muhlenberg Press admin. Fortress Press. Posted by permission. No further transmission of this material is allowed without written permission of Fortress Press.)

C011 – Ministering to People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

This module helps congregations make their worship, Bible study and other activities more accessible to people who have hearing loss, whether they are deaf or hard of hearing. Because this disability is invisible, churches are often unaware of how common hearing loss is. It would be wrong to underestimate the impact hearing loss has on spiritual life. Without the ability to access God’s Word, the Spirit’s work can be undermined. This interview provides practical insight and helpful advice for overcoming this common barrier. The downloadable resource provides even more detail on the contents of the video. Further resources are found at 

C010 – Recovery Friendly Churches

This module helps congregations better understand the spiritual struggles and other dimensions of recovery for people who desire to free themselves of addiction. Jesus said that it is not the healthy that need a physician but the sick, and Christian congregations are uniquely positioned to serve people who have been broken by addiction. This interview and the downloadable viewers’ discussion guide is intended to help churches evaluate how their ministry can communicate a welcoming message that will retain members and reach others who are seeking divine help.


Links for downloading the videos are found below.


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Study guides for “Welcoming Returning Members.”

Materials for a special “Service of the Cross” will be made available in September.

C001 – Bible Studies to Encourage Caring Congregations

This module lays the foundation of Christian love in congregational ministry: both compassion for the burdens of members and caring for those in the community whose needs can be a bridge for love and the gospel.

C003 – Standing Up for Children: A Christian Response to Child Abuse and Neglect

This module explains the need for training members to identify abuse when it occurs and how to respond. It includes a link to the free online training available on University. We recommend viewing the above video which testifies to the spiritual devastation one survivor experienced and the hope that this training will prevent others from being harmed by abuse.

“Standing Up for Children” – Online child abuse prevention training

The abuse prevention training course “Standing up for Children: A Christian Response to Child Abuse and Neglect” was produced by Freedom for the Captives, a WELS ministry. The mission of Freedom for the Captives is “Equipping the Body of Christ to protect children and empower abuse survivors.”

Participants who watch all four videos and pass quizzes on the content will receive a certificate of completion. Veterans of similar training have called this course “excellent.”
For a conference, faculty in-service, or other group, the videos can be shown to everyone at once, then each attendee would receive the “key” to take the online quizzes.
The training must be accessed with an enrollment key. The enrollment key and instructions for the course will be provided after your online registration is accepted. You can fill out the online learning registration form at this link.

When churches and schools start conversations about abuse, it is not uncommon for Christians who have suffered abuse to seek help. Our website,, offers survivors a rich supply of spiritual resources and other useful information. Congregations and schools will find guidance on abuse prevention policies and other important topics.

C004 – Helping Christians reject, resist and recover from addiction to pornography

This module contains Conquerors through Christ resources which can be used in Bible classes, pastoral conferences, and in equiping parents to address the problems of pornography


C007 – Inclusion

This module challenges church leaders to utilized the gifts of members with disabilities.

Resources will be added as they become available.


C008 – Geriatric Care Facility Outreach

This module helps churches leverage ministry done in local nursing homes and other care facilities into community outreach as well as compassion ministry to residents.

Resources will be added as they become available.