Serving as a Military Contact Pastor (MCP)

This module is intended for pastors and lay people who are interested in learning about ministry to the military. In addition to the training video, Military Contact Pastors will find downloadable ministry tools: flyers to facilitate ministry to military personnel, a poster promoting referrals for military ministry, a customizable poster that might be used at a military installation (with permission) to promote nearby MCP congregations, and a template that illustrates how the promotional poster could be customized. Also included is Martin Luther’s essay, “Whether Soldiers, too, Can Be Saved.” (From Works of Martin Luther V. 5 © 1931 Muhlenberg Press admin. Fortress Press. Posted by permission. No further transmission of this material is allowed without written permission of Fortress Press.)

C005 – Serving as a Military Contact Pastor (MCP)

Individual file downloads:

Military Referral PosterDownload 
For the Military Contact Pastor - On Base WorshipDownload 
For the Military Member - On Base WorshipDownload 
Millitary Personnel Poster - 8.5x11Download 
Millitary Personnel Poster - 8.5x11 - TemplateDownload 
Martin Luther - 1526 - Whether Soldiers, too, Can Be SavedDownload 

Download the entire file package:

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