Mentoring A Returning Citizen

This module provides training resources to help church leaders prepare their members to mentor people returning to the community from incarceration. Mentoring returning citizens can be an effective way for a Christian to put faith into words and actions. Mentors benefit from the process as well as the people they help!

Although individuals can work through the materials posted at the website privately, group training sessions are offered periodically.

  • All group class sessions will be conducted via Zoom and will be recorded for later viewing if participants must miss a session.
  • We expect participants to view up to two hours of videos in between classes and work some of the learning activities. Other activities will take place during discussion.
  • A course syllabus will be distributed via email upon enrollment.
  • We will provide a hard copy of the workbook to any who desire it. It is available for download (see below) but is about 150 pages long.
  • We are tentatively planning to offer the course twice per year, each winter/spring and summer/fall.

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  • Assess your gifts and receive initial training
  • Five Saturdays, January 27-February 24, 2024
  • 90-minute Zoom sessions starting at 11:00 a.m. (Central Time)

For more information email Dave Hochmuth or call 414-256-3243.

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Wondering about becoming a mentor? Read the article “Are you mentor material?” to find out more.

Mentoring Returning Citizens - Course Manual

Individual file downloads:

Read Me/NotesDownload
Mentoring a Returning Citizen - participant workbookDownload
Mentoring a Returning Citizen - facilitator's guideDownload

Download the entire file package:

Download 3.22 MB

Mentoring Returning Citizens - Instructional Videos

Introduction to Mentoring Returning Citizens courseDownload
Lesson 1 - Learn About the Mentee in a General WayDownload
Lesson 2 - Converse and ListenDownload
Lesson 3 - Build a Relationship with the Mentee, Yourself, and GodDownload
Lesson 4 - Build an Action Plan You Both Agree OnDownload
Lesson 5 - Run Recurring Meetings with the MenteeDownload
Lesson 5 - Mentor/Mentee Role Play ExampleDownload
Lesson 6 - Holding the Mentee and Mentor Relationship AccountableDownload
Lesson 7 - How to Assess Your Fit for This Type of MinistryDownload
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