Starting an Early Childhood Ministry or Lutheran Elementary School

This module helps congregations think through the reasons and logistics of starting, expanding, or revitalizing a preschool, childcare, other form of early childhood ministry, or Lutheran elementary school.

The attached resources are ten chapters of Building Blocks: A Handbook for Beginning and Operating a Christian Early Childhood Ministry. Each chapter can be used on its own for a specific topic. If you are considering opening, expanding, or revitalizing an early childhood ministry, you may prefer the complete resource. To obtain a free copy of the entire resource in one file or to get information about additional support, contact [email protected].

S001 – Starting an Early Childhood Ministry or Lutheran Elementary School

Individual file downloads:

S001.01 - Building Blocks - Chapter 1 - PurposeDownload
S001.02 - Building Blocks - Chapter 2 - Steps in Getting StartedDownload
S001.03 - Building Blocks - Chapter 3 - GovernanceDownload
S001.04 - Building Blocks - Chapter 4 - Business PlanDownload
S001.05 - Building Blocks - Chapter 5 - Programs PoliciesDownload
S001.06 - Building Blocks - Chapter 6 - Leadership-The DirectorDownload
S001.07 - Building Blocks - Chapter 7 - PersonnelDownload
S001.08 - Building Blocks - Chapter 8 - ECM CurriculumDownload
S001.09 - Building Blocks - Chapter 9 - ECM EnvironmentDownload
S001.10 - Building Blocks - Chapter 10 - Outreach and Family PartnershipsDownload

Download the entire file package:

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