To the Ends of the Earth–Adult Study Resources


Jesus came not just to benefit one type of people. Jesus was God’s answer of love for people of every culture or background. The message of Jesus is a power that changes even the most unlikely hearts. It gives truth to the seeker, hope to the hopeless, and freedom to the oppressed. God sends messengers to share the life-changing story of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

There are two Bible studies based on the movie:

  • Adult Bible Study: the objective of this Bible study is that each viewer of the movie, amazed by the grace of God, embraces how fully accepted they are in Christ; how powerful the gospel is for others; and captures the passion and urgency to share it with people of different lifestyles and cultures. Six lessons.
  • Small group study guide: Materials especially designed for small group, family, or individual study. This course helps us see the need for the gospel in our lives that we treasure and trust it as we strive to live according to it and seek to share it. Four lessons.

Adult Bible Study-Leader's Guide (revised 10-2-2018)Download
Adult Bible Study Lesson 1Download
Adult Bible Study Lesson 2Download
Adult Bible Study Lesson 3Download
Adult Bible Study Lesson 4Download
Adult Bible Study Lesson 5Download
Adult Bible Study Lesson 6Download
Small Group Bible Study IntroductionDownload
Small Group Bible Study Lesson 1Download
Small Group Bible Study Lesson 2Download
Small Group Bible Study Lesson 3Download
Small Group Bible Study Lesson 4Download
To the Ends of the Earth–Adult Study Resources
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