Using The Foundation to Reach the Unchurched

The Foundation -

Seeing so many congregations using the worship resources provided by WELS Congregational Services in The Foundation is a thrill. We pray this is a blessing to the worship life of our WELS congregations.

But did you know The Foundation is also designed to assist your congregation in reaching out to unchurched souls in your community?

It is hoped, for example, that by using the pre-planned worship resources, busy pastors will have more time to spend visiting prospective members and interacting with their communities.

The worship plans have also been carefully constructed to be accessible to first-time guests. This simply means the orders of service and hymns, while feeding the faithful, will also bless those new to Lutheran worship.

Perhaps most importantly, it is hoped The Foundation resources will encourage members to invite their unchurched friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join them for worship. The use of themes for worship series might mean a member brings someone who is struggling with a particular issue in their life or who may have expressed interest in a topic that will be discussed in an upcoming series.

This is also why a promotional video is produced for each series. In fact, the videos are specifically produced with the unchurched in mind, using language, images, music, etc. that unchurched people could understand and relate to. Here are some ways the videos might be used:

  • Show the video for an upcoming series after worship for 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the series. Not only will it prepare your people, but it might also make them think of someone they could invite to join them.
  • In certain settings, the video could be shown as an introduction to the sermon each week. This repetition would help tie the series together in the minds of worshipers.
  • Post the videos on all your congregation’s social media pages. You never know who might see it and be intrigued enough to join you.
  • Share the videos with your members in the weeks leading up to each series so they can share them with unchurched acquaintances. It’s an easy way for them to make the invite.

However you choose to use the promotional videos, be sure to let your people know why you are using them the way you are and encourage them to look for opportunities to invite those who don’t know about Jesus to come and hear about him.

God bless all your efforts to reach those in your community who do not yet know the joy and peace only Jesus can provide!

Rev. Eric Roecker
Director, Commission on Evangelism


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