C19 – Social Media Videos

Social Media preview The social media videos come in four options: 16x9 with WELS logo 16x9 without WELS logo 1x1 with WELS logo 1x1 without WELS logo 16x9 and 1x1 are aspect ratios of the size of the boxes. 16x9 is the…

C19 – Worship Resources

Listen to a sample sermon - God so Loved the World (Preached by the now sainted Prof. Daniel Deutschlander at the 2005 WELS national worship conference.) Advent resources from C18 are available for those interested in using them this yea…

C19 – Special Ministries Resources

Materials for a special "Service of the Cross" will be made available in September.

C19 – LES and Sunday School Resources

The "My Personal Mission Field" document can be found under Evangelism Resources.

C19 – Evangelism Resources

Order postcards from Echt Printing.